Mortgages for Property Investors, why make it complicated?

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We offer a fully comprehensive, fully managed solution to property investments in the UK and internationally

6% Average rental yield

We have a range of developments that offer a great return on your investment

30% Projected capital growth

Our developments are located in high economic growth areas

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You supply the deposit, we'll take care of the rest

Holborn Property are proud to partner with International Property Finance Group (IPFG) for mortgage solutions

The focus of our partnership with IPFG is to continue growing the vast knowledge of the ‘buy-to-let & off-plan’ market, provide superior lending options and to further support the growth of our client’s property portfolios.

IPFG’s mission is to continually develop relationships & products for new markets in Asia and Europe, supporting global sales force of property consultants with a 96% success rate of the global client bank.

UK mortgages

Trying to source a mortgage in a country that you do not currently reside in can seem very complex. Rest assured however, if you’re looking for a residential mortgage or buy-to-let we can help.

When getting a mortgage, each bank has their own criteria so it is important that you speak to an expert who understands each banks conditions. There are many reasons why a bank is more cautious when lending to an expat which is mainly due to the difficulty in following procedures that guarantee the borrower’s financial stability.

If a bank sees a client as a higher risk, they will either refuse to lend to them or they may offer a higher interest rate to offset the risk. As an expat, you may find it slightly harder to get a mortgage and could end up paying a slightly higher interest rate.

Mortgage options

As part of Holborn’s Complete Property Solution package we offer several different tiers when it comes to sourcing and securing a mortgage for you. Check out the options available below and use the contact form if you’d like to talk to us about a mortgages.

Please note that a fee of £15 will be applied for a sanction check.


One of our mortgage experts will have a 30-40-minute conversation with you to see if you’re eligible for a mortgage in principle. This happens straight after the reservation of a Holborn Property.


A mortgage expert will go through a full mortgage application with you to get a full decision in principle – usually 2 hours. Only an option if the completion date on the property is more than 6 months away.


A full mortgage application within a 6-month timeframe for the completion of a Holborn Property.

International mortgages

Over the last decade, Germany has become a fantastic country to invest in, with major cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich achieving a steady growth in property prices. With this growth in the property market, German lending has become a successful and lucrative market for us at Holborn.

As with the UK market, trying to find a suitable mortgage in a country you’re not currently living can be challenging – especially when you factor in the language barrier too. At Holborn, our team and our partners have over 10 years of experience in the German market and will be able to guide you through the process and quickly and simply as possible.


Refinancing your current property or properties can allow you to build your portfolio without requiring any additional funds. Since records began, the UK property has almost doubled in price, on average, every 10 years. Therefore, if you invested in property within the last 5 years or more, you may have enough equity in the property you can use to reinvest.

With the cost of borrowing for UK buyers extremely low at the moment, now is a great time to contact us for a free consultation to see if you have enough money in your property portfolio to use to unlock & build greater wealth.

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