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How to Get on the UK Property Ladder as an Expat

People are starting to feel more optimistic about the UK property market. A recent survey by HSBC found that 68% of first-time buyers are now more confident about getting on the property ladder. This is likely due to mortgage rates beginning to fall and house prices normalising. According to the

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The benefits of commercial property investments

The commercial real estate market has seen significant growth in recent years. Data show that the market is projected to reach $4.13 trillion in 2024. And with annual growth of 1.54%, it is expected to reach $4.39 trillion by 2028. For investors, taking advantage of commercial property investments can lead

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Is property investment in Guildford the right move?

From royal castles to iconic cobbled streets, Guildford is a riverside town in South East England with a rich and vibrant history. But the quaint Surrey town has more to offer than history and heritage. Boasting attractive yields and a strong rental market, Guildford has seen a surge of interest

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Your guide to investment property mortgages

We all know the standard type of mortgage that helps us buy our new home, but only some of us know that investment property mortgages exist. A mortgage makes it easier for individuals or couples to buy the home they want and start a new life. However, only some seek

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3 reasons why you should consider investing in land

Investing in land is one of the oldest forms of investment. Since the beginning of time, men have tried to own as much land as possible, sometimes leading to violent conflicts. Over centuries, other types of investments, sometimes more profitable, have arisen. Nevertheless, investing in land remains a great way

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Your guide to student property investments

The UK is home to over 160 universities and education institutions. With a growing student population, the demand for student housing is also rising. As a result, student property investment has grown considerably over the last few years. Here, we look at the student property market in 2023 and the

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